Please Note:  Effective 01-01-2018 We are no longer wrapping boats over 50 feet in length.  Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause our customers.
Welcome to the online home of our professional boat shrink wrapping service.  New England Shrinkwrap serves Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts and specializes in the shrink wrapping of boats from 25' to 50' in length. 
We have limited availability to shrink wrap boats between October 1st and December 20th so please review our information and contact us as soon as possible if you'd like to consider us for your shrink wrapping installation this fall.
This site will provide you with the information you need to decide if shrink wrap is the best solution to protect your boat for seasonal storage, long term storage, or for transporting. 
We ask that you
please do not call our cell number regarding boat shrink wrapping but instead e-mail us with any questions you may have and we will be glad to help. 
We look forward to working with you.

What sets us apart from others?

Sturdy Framework

The foundation of a quality shrink wrap cover is the construction of a durable framework that minimizes the effects of snow, ice, water, and wind.  We custom build our frames to withstand whatever a New England winter brings. 

Attention To Detail

Our clients have invested a great deal of time and money in their boats and our job is to protect their investment.  We take the steps necessary to protect the many components and finished surfaces of each boat and spend a great deal of time to prepare boats before covering.

Large Boat Specialists

We offer shrink wrapping to customers with boats from 25' to 50' in length.  We have specialized in large boat shrink wrapping because we understand the steps necessary to provide the most durable and functional shrink wrap system possible.

Considering us for your boat's shrink wrap cover?  Here's what to do:
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Check with your marina.
Make sure they will "allow" you to hire us first.  We will provide insurance documentation but will not pay any fees.

Get a price.
You can check out our pricing structure or e-mail us with the length/make of your boat and we will provide a firm price quote.

Read our information.
We have detailed information contained in our Contract, Terms & Conditions, and have answered some FAQ's. Please look these items over before completing and submitting a contract.

Complete & Submit the contract.
Once you've decided to work with us, a contract must be submitted for your boat each season.  Please contact us before completing to be sure we can accommodate you in our schedule.

Pay the deposit.
A deposit is required for all shrink wrapping installations with the balance due upon completion.  We use PayPal merchant services so you can securely pay by major credit card or PayPal account.

Schedule the service.
We can put you in the schedule for a tentative date if you have indicated one on your contract but we always ask that you E-mail us when your boat is actually ready to be shrink wrapped since haul out and winterization schedules sometimes change.

Quick Guide To Our Services

Boats in the water

Boats under 25' in length

Sailboats with mast & rigging in place

Sail & Power Boats 25' to 50' in length

Serving Rhode Island & Bristol County MA

About us
We have been providing our professional boat shrink wrapping service to boaters throughout Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts since 2004 and have the experience necessary to ensure that your boat will be protected during storage or while being transported. 

We have made it a goal to develop a loyal customer base by working diligently to meet the needs of boat owners who demand quality and accountability in a service sector that is full of unknowns. 

We only have a couple of precious months in the fall in which to install shrink wrap covers for the winter storage of boats and we believe that we offer a service that is hard to beat.  We don't compete on price because the attention to detail that we work hard to achieve is something that you just won't find with many shrink wrappers.  We only take on the number of boats that we know we can provide a quality finished product for in the limited amount of time that mother nature affords. 

If you're a returning customer, we thank you for your continued business.  If you have not worked with us before, we thank you considering us and we believe you will be satisfied with our shrink wrapping service.

A Rousing Customer Endorsement:
Yes this is an actual customer endorsement

"Your wrap job held up GREAT. You got everything right the first time which is a first for me. Shouldn't be, but unfortunately it was. I've shared your contact information and my endorsement with a half dozen owners at my marina who all appeared interested. You have an advantage over the others... you don't suck:)"

We Don't Suck.  What else could you ask for?