Boat Shrink Wrapping Prices

Our pricing is based on length overall in feet from bow to stern, including pulpit and swim platform.  We have structured our pricing in length increases of 5' increments because the materials used and preparation required become more involved as the boats increase in size.  We have listed base pricing for boats up to 40' in length and ask you to e-mail us with your boat length & make if it is between 40' and 60' so we can provide you with a customized price.  

What's included?

The price includes all materials and labor necessary to construct a durable lumber framework, typically using a 2X4 center beam supported on 2X3 uprights and plated together using plywood strips.  We use 3/4" woven banding material to create the rest of the support structure for the shrink wrap.  For the perimeter and belly bands that secure the shrink wrap to the boat we use heavy duty 3/4" woven banding material which has greater tensile strength.

  Prior to installing the cover, we  pad areas of the boat that could be damaged by or cause damage to the cover.  Any tape that we use that comes in contact with a surface of the boat is specialty Preservation Tape which contains UV inhibitor which will minimize the adhesive transfer when the tape is removed.   
The shrink wrap cover consists of 8 mil, white, 100% virgin resin shrink film with UV inhibitor, and if a flame retardant shrink film or a heavier mil thickness is required please let us know and we will work to accommodate your need.
Once the cover has been finished we inspect for and tape any holes that may have been created during the heat shrinking process.  We also insert an adequate number of self piercing louver vents to allow passive airflow and help reduce the potential for mildew & mold growth during the storage period.  On boats over 40', we install an additional number of 12" X 12" resin louver vents.  More vents can be installed upon request at an additional charge. 
Zippered access doors and customized framework can be requested at an additional charge

Sailboat or Power Boat?
The pricing structure is the same for sailboats & power boats but please note there are additional charges for variables associated with each type of boat.  This is a guide for you and if you would like a firm price quote for your boat we ask that you please e-mail us with the length, make, and location of your boat.

Pricing Structure

  Base Pricing
    Boat Length     Price Per Foot
    Up to 25'                 $450.00 Flat Charge
    26' to 30'                 $20.00/Foot
    31' to 35'                 $22.00/Foot
    36' to 40'                 $24.00/Foot
    Over 40'                  E-mail us for price.
  Additional Items
    Motor Yachts/Bridge Boats: Add $6.00/Foot
    T-Top or Express w/Hard Top: Add $4.00/Foot
    Sailboats with mast in place: Add $5.00/Foot per mast
    Outriggers/Downriggers: Add $25.00/Each
    Sailboat Stanchion Cross-Bracing: Add $5.00/Foot
  Zipper Doors
This is the installed price.  There is no charge to install your zipper door from a previous season provided you have removed the old shrink/wrap & tape.
30" X 36" Standard Duty: $30.00
30" X 48" Standard Duty: $38.00
30" X 48" Heavy Duty: $50.00
30" X 72" Standard Duty: $50.00
This is an example of sailboat stanhion cross-bracing.
This is a 30" X 48" Heavy Duty zipper access door.

Removal & Recycling Of The Cover?
Price DOES NOT include removal & recycling but we do offer shrink wrap removal service for customers who have had us install their cover.  This pricing starts at $5.00/Foot and up.

This should NEVER happen.

Recycle your shrink wrap!